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Module Final

What did you accomplish for your final project?  I was able to put together a leadership module that had students analyze various styles of leadership…

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Virtual Reality

Having taught history I have longed at times for a way to let students see how a situation/war evolved.  The ability to make maps dimensional,…

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Did you achieve each of these learning goals? To what degree? In what goal, did you experience the most change? Demonstrate effective electronic communication methods…

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Module Update

I am continuing to search out good sources on leadership and usable video clips to partition into the folders.  I am still struggling with how…

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MOOC’s Revisited

How do MOOCs fit in what we have learned so far?  I have to say I am personally fascinated by the possibility of exploring MOOC’s…

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Comment on Roles by babs13

“Therefore, I feel as if I will be 50/50 as course designer, putting materials together but also “borrowing” resources for my own purposes which we often do in education” —- BOY do you have that right. As you and I chatted about this post on Friday, I know we both agreed that it’s hard to imagine many lessons in this day and age when almost all of the roles are in some way at work.

I do wish I knew more about how to create interactive “things” like the maps used on 270 to win. I can think of so many ways that type of skill could be put to use for so many lessons– but I am sure like most “lesson designing” it requires time that is precious and rare in our world. Excited to see how this continues to evolve– because you know I’m likely to “borrow” whatever you create for my Government classes too!!!

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TPACK 2 Revisions

Developing a Personal Leadership Statement Lesson Description: In this lesson students will assess through the use of an online Leadership Style Assessment, what type of…

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