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Instructor Roles

This week we are studying the Presidency in my Government classes and I always do a lesson where they become familiar with the Roles of…

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Comment on BSmith- Module outline by babs13

It initially started as Women’s Leadership since the statistics on this are so appalling. But I decided they could all truly benefit from some exposure to ideas behind good leadership. I have looked at the KPMG site on Women’s leadership, I am second website is also impressive and there are some awesome ted-talks I will likely use. I want them all to emerge with a personal statement on what good leadership looks like to them. There is a ton of material out there– it will be a tricky to wrap my head around this and how to form the most meaningful activities out of this.

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Comment on Outline KWasosky by babs13

I used to love teaching about the Railroad expansion in AP US
I think your module looks awesome. Google maps comes to mind– it would be a great mini-geography lesson to have them at the front create their own google map where they chart the course they would have picked for the railroad.

Play pos-it would also come in as a handy tool also– there are some great scenes in The Men who Built America and the History of US– where they show some great aspects about the building of the railroad that could be clipped into a great video activity- particularly the scene where they are carrying nitro-glycerin comes to mind.
One thing I do think the kids might enjoy and benefit from is to have their final assessment incorporate an ability to produce something online– maybe a prezi – that shows some aspect of the railroad……. or have you seen where they can take a PPT template and build a virtual museum or museum room which incorporates some great historiography skills– my kids did this one year for the early American period– happy to share some samples if you like.

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Comment on Differentiation by babs13

Scrible sounds fascinating and worth a look– now that I teach a full online class- I do need to try to explore the options for showing kids how to keep notes organized online and how to manage coursework without a conventional notebook.

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Comment on Differentiation in Online Learning by babs13

Lynn- I really think you have raised a great question about accessibility and how easy it is for a classroom teacher to design an online course versus buying a pre packaged one- teachers are well familiar with the idea of not having enough planning time and having these added concerns make this even more difficult. I am trying to wrap my head around how to make my module online and interactive and more than just adding links and uploading documents– but I don’t have a background in online design. It became even a bit more stressful after attending a training at the Fed where they showed us a lesson they had created – lesson was designed for 1 block and they are creating another lesson– but it will be 6 months before it is ready– wow — thats a lot of design time for one block worth of lesson.

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Comment on week 6 – Differentiation by babs13

I am interested to try the video software you mentioned– I have used play pos-it but this one sounds more sophisticated and I think would help make video sessions more interactive and meaningful.
This weeks reading resonated with all of us that teach E P/F as we are all struggling with students who are having a tough time accessing the material we are presenting online and we are having to back pedal to figure out how to make material more accessible.

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BSmith- Module outline

The motivation for creating my module comes from an awareness that leadership is a topic that deserves more focus but which may not fit cleanly…

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Comment on Best Practices by babs13

I would love to see some content specific best practices and examples. I would also like to know about the platforms these teachers were operating on and if they were creating material or managing the delivery of it and providing the feedback.

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