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Differ (Brent Fleisher)

One source that stood out to me on the internet was 100+ Tools for Differentiation (  Via Google, I typed in “differentiation for online instruction,” and this website was near the top of the list.  I decided to stick with this one as it seems to focus on differentiation via Social Media — something we … Continue reading Differ (Brent Fleisher)

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Comment on Best Practices by brentfleisher

Interesting look at classroom management–one area I did not even think about it for online teaching. I assumed that there really isn’t much management to be done with students because everything is online…I believe there is less opportunity for distractions that one would see in a traditional classroom. I understand issues of students not participating, but I would handle that the same way I handle it in the classroom–contact that student and discuss it with him/her. In an online class, this could be a simple email or phone call (?). I agree that the more students have access to social media, the more management there will need to be. While there may not be much management when it comes to disciplining behavior seen in the traditional classroom, I could see there being a greater management issue when it comes to students using technology improperly (plagiarizing, for example).

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Comment on Best Practices in Online Teaching by brentfleisher

I did not even think to assume that students who enroll in an online course would either have the internet and/or be technology savvy. I constantly fall victim to this “assumicide” (as our principal calls it). Unfortunately, I am learning this year that just because students sign up for something that requires technology doesn’t always mean they’ll have the means for it. This is particularly frustrating when we are flipping our classrooms and requiring students more and more to utilize online strategies and applications. I do agree that students who willingly sign up for an online course should have the understanding that the work will be done online.

I like your point regarding the fact that in a face to face environment we can discern if a student needs help (hunger, physical, etc, etc). How do we acknowledge these issues when we do not see the student and it takes much longer to develop a personal relationship with them online?

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Digital Learning

One of the first things I found surprising was in the reading from “Keeping Pace.”  The chart on page 76 showing enrollment numbers for the last three years caught me off guard as I expected numbers to increase.   It seems that a majority (or more than there should be) of states have seen a decline … Continue reading Digital Learning

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COI (Brent Fleisher)

Better late than never… that’ll teach me to forget categorizing and tagging my posts….   I think each of these elements (social, cognitive, and teaching) are already present in the classroom; however, one or two elements may be more present than others.  Even in online or hybrid courses, cognitive and teaching presence is almost a … Continue reading COI (Brent Fleisher)

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Comment on Digital Storytelling (ds106) by brentfleisher

Christy – you may be able to integrate this into your class dealing with certain chemists? Students could be working on a lab for you in class and working through your lectures/activities…while at home creating a digital story for the chemist / innovator / leader / etc that goes with that lab/lecture? This may not help them on the AP Exam, but, it could get them to a new level of appreciation for what he/she went through and why we still care about it today (?).

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Comment on Blackboard Collaborate by brentfleisher

At my young age of 35 (dear God I’m old), I too am confused w/ all of this ‘new’ technology that’s out there. Starting to wonder what’s wrong with what we already have. Even more frustrated with the fact that technology is constantly changing…and once we learn what the kids are using and a way to weave that into the classroom…there will be something else out there to take its place.

Students (and teachers) have too many choices at the moment… I like keeping things simple and straightforward. Powhatan has Schoology where students can retrieve everything for the class at their fingertips (emails, calendars, handouts, tests, assignments, etc, etc). Why do educators feel the need to incorporate all of this “wonderful / new” technology just because it’s available? What is the benefit of having or requiring students to have multiple tabs/browsers open for each little thing…why not have everything in one place to begin with?

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Comment on Transactional Distance Theory (Brent Fleisher) by brentfleisher

Brooks – that’s a really (really) good point. There are many times in the classroom where I ask questions or try to engage students in discussion…only to be met with blank stares and silence — silence they hope I fill by either giving the answer or discussing items with myself. Not having the “judgmental” teacher or peers around may actually open students up to participating more and finding their voice.

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