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State of Digital Learning

The information provided in the course is giving me a “new” education.  I would never have predicted that the number of students enrolled in digital learning, outside of a school building, has decreased in recent years. I understand the increase within the school building as most districts are encouraging teachers to use technology in their … Continue reading State of Digital Learning

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Comment on Blackboard Collaborate by fortunej

I agree, technology has advanced a great deal and very quickly over the years. Not until I started teaching technology did I realize the vast opportunities “out there”. Some many times I think the average classroom teacher is busy with his/her content there is not enough time to delve into the technology world.

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Generations – “Trends” in online learning?

As I read Mr. Downes’ article “E-Learning Generations” my mind would unconsciously replace the word generation with fad, trend, bandwagon.  I  guess my years of experience have led me to think that each “new” thing is something that will last for awhile and then fade into the sunset when the next “bandwagon” comes along.  In my 38 … Continue reading Generations – “Trends” in online learning?

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Transactional Distance

After reading this week’s assignment my first thought was: “that was a great deal of information in a short few pages”.  With that being said,  I feel it is important that this theory of Transactional Distance be understood by all educators, online or in person.  I feel that this article talks about the “relationship” between … Continue reading Transactional Distance

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Comment on Matt Hall by fortunej

Hey Matt,
Hope all is well at Flat Rock, all of us at the middle school miss our fifth grade colleagues.
I too was surprised by the number of students enrolled in online classes. Have you heard the advertisement for K-12 online education? Did not kn…

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James Fortune

I am James Fortune, this is my 38th year in the field of education, and I currently teach 6th grade technology at Pocahontas Middle School in Powhatan County.  Much of my free time is spent shuttling two of my three children to and from their extracurricular activities. Otherwise I can be found working in the … Continue reading James Fortune

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