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Comment on Final Reflection- Ford by kwlearnonline

Hey Lou,
I am in complete agreement with you. This was a scary step for me, too. I think you did a great job on your blogs. I read several, but as you said, I had a hard time making a remark that made sense. Although, I have also had and currently am working with autistic children and it gave me pause to think how some of the lessons could help them relate to my content and how they would react to it. I am sure somewhere down the road, we will get an opportunity to find out. 🙂

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Comment on Final Plan Myers by kwlearnonline

I would really like to be a student in your class. I have walked through your class and I love what the students are doing in there. I believe that the skills you teach would be a huge addition to help me devise interesting online lessons for m…

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Final TPACK Lesson-KWasosky

  Final TPACK Lesson  Students will be identifying different perspectives of people in America that were affected by the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. The population of learners for this lesson consists of a whole group of twenty-two seventh grade students in my U.S. History class. The lesson will occur with some face-to-face interaction and … Continue reading Final TPACK Lesson-KWasosky

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