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Final – McQuiddy

Well…that’s it…for now. I have completed three lessons in my module and I feel pretty accomplished. Although I did not finish all seven lessons, I put a lot of effort into the first three and I am pleased with my progress. The other four lessons have been outlined and I have a pretty good idea … Continue reading Final – McQuiddy

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VR – McQuiddy

“50 minutes, totally worth it”  <—– YESSSSS! That video was fascinating!  I can’t decide if the teacher superpowers were creepy or cool, but overall I am just totally amazed by the whole thing.  The teacher gaze part was very interesting but I do see how that can backfire once students realize it is faked.  I … Continue reading VR – McQuiddy

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I do not think I am going to get as far as I had hoped I would on my project.  I want to really take the time to do things completely and correctly and because I do not plan to use my module until the end of the school year, I feel it best to … Continue reading Status

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MOOCs – McQuiddy

  After reading through the articles, I’ve become a bit pessimistic about the idea of MOOCs.  When I first heard of MOOCs (at the beginning of this course) I was very intrigued by the idea.  Cost effective for both students and schools sounds pretty good, right?  Also, the opportunity to interact with students and field … Continue reading MOOCs – McQuiddy

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This lesson is being designed for students taking chemistry.  Most students completing this lesson will be 11th graders but a few are in 10th or 12th grade.  Students will be required to add activities from this lesson to a “Forensic Science” ThingLink created during an earlier lesson. The majority of this lesson will be completed … Continue reading Final TPACK

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SRL – McQuiddy

I always try to address self-regulated in my classes. Giving students a way to improve their learning is part of what we do as teachers.  I must admit, however, it seems that my attempts are often to no avail.  Sometimes, students just don’t care.  For example, we did a project this week on topographic maps. … Continue reading SRL – McQuiddy

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Activities – McQuiddy

The Virtual Labs that I am using are “sort of” set up like case studies. There is a “mystery” to be solved using forensic chemistry techniques. The interactive nature of the “case” will help bring the science to life. Using technology in this way will help students complete labs that they would not otherwise be … Continue reading Activities – McQuiddy

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Comment on TPACK – McQuiddy by mcquiddyss

Thanks! I was a little worried about how I was going to revise the TPACK so I am glad that you said it was well written!

I have to admit, as I was reading through the article and the sample TPACK, I didn’t feel like I had a super clear understanding. However, after I started wrtiting my own, things really started to fall into place. For example, I started writing the TCK part and halfway through, realized everything I was describing was actually TPK. With each section, I began to feel more and more confident that what I was writing was actually in the right spot!

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