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Comment on Roles of the Online Instructor by mcquiddyss

“I discovered that many of the roles outlined for online instruction, were roles I already undertake with face to face instruction.” <– totally agree with you on this!

I think that we will be playing many similar roles for our modules. I agree that feedback-giver and organizer and planner are hugely important for the success of the course. You are already so great at setting up an effective schoology page and I am excited to see where you take this module. I also mentioned in my post that some of the roles are a bit difficult to play since we will still be seeing our students and in the classroom with them as they are completing parts of this module.

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Roles – McQuiddy

The “Four Dimensions” case study outlined four major roles that should be fulfilled by online instructors.  Within each dimension, there are more specific roles and within those roles there are specific examples of how a teacher might fulfill that role.  Based on my experience in the classroom setting, I know that teachers wear many different … Continue reading Roles – McQuiddy

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Comment on TPACK Lesson by mcquiddyss

Your TPACK really allows me to see why you chose to do this lesson as your online module. You have so many great resources for students to use and the technology pieces you chose make sense for each part of this lesson. You have definitely worked har…

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Comment on TPACK by mcquiddyss

Your TPACK looks great! I like the flow of your lesson. Having students watch the videos first and then use the terms in virtual labs will give them repeated exposure in different ways. The deeper learning with the research part will allow students some choice for how in-depth they want to go…nice work!

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TPACK – McQuiddy

Lesson Description: This lesson is being designed for students taking chemistry.  Most students completing this lesson will be 11th graders but a few are in 10th or 12th grade.  Students will be required to add activities from this lesson to a “Forensic Science” ThingLink created during an earlier lesson. The majority of this lesson will … Continue reading TPACK – McQuiddy

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Comment on Outline – Solutions Unit by mcquiddyss

I love the timing of this unit. It is always so hard to get this material covered before SOLs because of students being in and out of class so much. Just like Christy said, I want to steal this when it’s finished! You seem to have found some great video clips on these topics and your outline seems very detailed and organized. Nice work!

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Comment on Differentiation Myers by mcquiddyss

I took a quick glance at the resource you shared. There were quite a few technologies listed that were new to me. I bookmarked the site so I can go back and take a closer look at some of them. Thanks for sharing!
I was also a little bit overwhelmed …

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