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Thanks for the feedback…. there is no real reason why I use pdf that is just the format the files come in. I will go back later and change that up some. I do think that when the students make their own videos of the labs they are better able to explain the results of the lab and they tend to do much better on the written evaluation of their lab work. They always have to take a written test on labs that they conduct. Thank you for the suggestion about being intentional and specific when I ask them to post a comment.

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The class has gone by so quickly! It was fascinating to learn how the online experience has developed from what was initially provided for behavioral issues and credit recovery into what it has become today.  I think I have learned a lot more about how to effectively use online communication with my flipped class.  I … Continue reading Reflection

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Final – Final

I was able to complete all five of the lessons that I had planned for my Gas Law topic.  This is a chemistry topic that all chemistry students must master for the chemistry SOL.   My module is designed for a flipped class.   I sought to expand my module to include more online resources and a … Continue reading Final – Final

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Status of Module

I have completed five lessons in my gas law module.  Each lesson covers about two days of class time.  At this point I do not think I need anymore lessons to fully cover this topic for my honors chemistry class.   I will certainly be using this module with my flipped chemistry class.  We do not cover this … Continue reading Status of Module

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Comment on Final Plan – McQuiddy by thomasc3

While I really like the idea of the semester project, I think it might be difficult to keep them focused on the project with everything else they have to cover in chemistry. You could tie some of the forensic topics into the topics you already have to cover in class…. or you could use some in class forensic labs to tie the online material to topics that you have to cover for the SOL…. kill two birds with one stone?

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MOOC – Massive Open Online Course… and they do mean massive! I could not believe the size of some of the courses. But if only about 4% of students complete the course how can they be considered successful?  I can see how they would appeal to self-regulated learners, adults and college level students.  I can … Continue reading MOOC

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Final Plan

My Gas Law module covers a topic that is required for all chemistry students.   I hope to create 3 (maybe 4) of the 6 lessons that I have planned for this module before the end of the semester.  I teach Gas Laws during the second semester so I do have time later on to add … Continue reading Final Plan

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Comment on SRL – McQuiddy by thomasc3

I really like your question: Is it really self-regulation if I am providing them with the tools to utilize those skills? I think it can be. If you use tools as a training technique for getting them to be able to do this on their own later on. I think we are all going to have to train our students and give them specific goals and show them how to become SRL. I don’t think many of them will do it on their own without some guidance from us.

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Lesson Description This is a lesson that introduces the conceptual understandings needed to further study the gas laws.  The lesson will be a qualitative inquiry introduction to the gas laws that will lead to later lessons that have a more quantitative viewpoint.  In this lesson, students will use online interactive computer tutorials, computer interface probes … Continue reading Final TPACK

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