Module Outline

**I am SO sorry Kim and Brooks!! Brooks brought it to my attention earlier my outline was not showing up.  I forgot to “Categorize” it so it wasn’t showing up on the blog for you all to see! Sorry again!   The objectives of my module will include the following:    Identify the structure of … Continue reading Module Outline

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Shadrach – Outline for module “Introduction to Cybersecurity”

NOTE – this is a tentative outline for the module – some items will  change/expand as I gather more information. Learning outcome: Students will be able to define cybersecurity and how it impacts their lives and the nation. Assessment: Assessment will be based on student responses to questions via the Discussion feature in Schoology.  Note … Continue reading Shadrach – Outline for module “Introduction to Cybersecurity”

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Simonick Module Outline

I drafted my outline in a Word document.  It is located HERE.  This module will be used with two classes of Algebra Functions and Data Analysis classes.  There are 42 students grades 9-12. The objectives are from SOL AFDA.6.  The module will … Continue reading

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BSmith- Module outline

The motivation for creating my module comes from an awareness that leadership is a topic that deserves more focus but which may not fit cleanly…

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