My topic is Achievement Seminars which will include ways to improve study skills, reduce test anxiety, and improve overall academic organization.  I am hoping that the use of technology with this topic will improve the teaching and learning because the students will be actively involved in learning the information versus just listening to me lecture. … Continue reading Topic

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Project Topic

  I am thinking of doing my module on Forensic Chemistry.  I have always thought it would be cool to introduce students to this field of science and I am excited to use this module as a way to do that.  Although I am excited, I am equally nervous, as I have never created a … Continue reading Project Topic

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Debbie Myers Topics

So about my topic……..for a few different reasons I have decided to change my project topic from Coding fun to Fun with GIMP. This would be a Module that introduces the program GIMP which is a free software that mimics Photoshop. The Module would include some videos that introduce the basic tools, palettes, and menu […]

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My topic is the way businesses handle the use of social media.  I will be using Schoology.  I would like to teach a hybrid class that would last 10 hours (in class) and maybe 15 hours total.  My audience will be high school seniors.  I think because of the age group of the audience, I … Continue reading Project

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For my course project, I plan on creating a module to introduce students to my online Economics and Personal Finance course in Schoology. Students enrolled in the class range from 9th to 12th graders. I have taught the course for 3 summers and this is my 2nd time teaching it during the school year. The … Continue reading #LetsGetStartedEPF

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