MOOCs- Ford

MOOCS appear very different than what we’ve been learning about during this course.  They are an online avenue for learning but do not possess the same components as the online teaching methods we’ve been introduced to.  They are open to unlimited numbers of students and have very little to no teacher-student interaction.  I have learned … Continue reading MOOCs- Ford

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From my point of view MOOCS are meant for higher level classes. I do not think that students at the age I am working with would do very well in this setting. I do not think my lesson would do very well if I tried to change it to a MOOC lesson. I do believe that there are some parts of MOOCs that can be …

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With what we’ve learned so far for online instruction, particularly with high school students, I see the MOOC as a lesson in what not to do.  The large number of students would be way too overwhelming for many adults, but especially for high school age students.  I also think the lack of accountability is a … Continue reading MOOCs

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