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Generations – “Trends” in online learning?

As I read Mr. Downes’ article “E-Learning Generations” my mind would unconsciously replace the word generation with fad, trend, bandwagon.  I  guess my years of experience have led me to think that each “new” thing is something that will last for awhile and then fade into the sunset when the next “bandwagon” comes along.  In my 38 … Continue reading Generations – “Trends” in online learning?

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Blackboard Collaborate

Well…I definitely learned that there is a lot about the growth of technology that is wayyyyy over my head.  I understand the progressions that were made through the generations of e-Learning but how is all that done?!?  I know that’s not the point of this article but I found myself being extremely humbled by my lack of … Continue reading Blackboard Collaborate

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Debbie Myers Generations

Second Life is a online virtual world that enables users to create their own avatars and interact with other users within the virtual online environment. Users are able to build, create, and interact. The program was launched in 2003 and according to an ISTE article written last year it has the “potential to engage students, […]

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