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Second Life

While reading the article I noticed many words that I had no idea what they meant. When got down to the sections about online gaming I saw Second Life pop up. I decided to research Second life. Now I do not have much experience when it comes to online gaming. It seems like just about every other word that comes out of my fifth graders …

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Generations Response

I decided to research Elluminate because it was one of many terms that was completely foreign to me, but also because Downes said “Elluminate has been a staple in our courses” and I figured if this was something being used often, I ought to know what it is. Elluminate is a web conferencing program that … Continue reading Generations Response

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The Stanford AI course

I chose to research the Stanford Artificial Intelligence course as this was a prestigious university offering a course to anyone interested in artificial intelligence.  In addition, the course was being taught by 2 renowned instructors in artificial intelligence.  In reading about the course I was most impressed with the level of participation.  The course attracted … Continue reading The Stanford AI course

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Massive Connectivism

So while my term/concept — connectivism-has nothing to do with Super Mario Brothers– well maybe on second thought it does I couldn’t help think of it as I read the discussion of the evolving generations of e-learning.   When the author, Stephen Downes was discussing the various generations  of e -learning and his mention of … Continue reading Massive Connectivism

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