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Revised TPACK K Wasosky

  Revised TPACK Lesson Description Students will be identifying different perspectives of people in America that were affected by the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. The population of learners for this lesson consists of a whole group of twenty-two seventh grade students in my U.S. History class. The lesson will occur with some face-to-face interaction … Continue reading Revised TPACK K Wasosky

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Learning Module Outline-Captain

 Learning Outcomes-students will improve their perception of their confidence in their study skills, communication (ability to access resources for help), organization and time management.  Students will also decrease the amount of anxiety they feel prior to testing situation and will increase their perceptions of their preparedness for assessments. Learning outcomes will be assessed via pre/post … Continue reading Learning Module Outline-Captain

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My Reactions to the Article

My first impression after reading the article is that technology has come so far in a short time and the possibilities are endless as to where it can/will go.  One can get lost by the language and theories initially but when spending time learning (online) what they mean; it becomes easier to understand.  Distance education … Continue reading My Reactions to the Article

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