Week 11


November 28 – December 4

To Do:

  1. Read 3 MOOC articles (Due December 4)
  2. Blog about MOOCs (Due December 4)
  3. Work on projects (All Week)
  4. Blog about current project status (Due December 4)
  5. Complete course evaluations (Due December 4)

Learning Goals:

Demonstrate effective virtual systematic instructional design through the development of a virtual learning environment.

Describe how emerging technologies are impacting virtual teaching and learning.


This week, we will take a look at MOOCs, an emerging technology/method/concept in the field of eLearning. MOOCS, or Massive Online Open Courses, have grown in popularity, especially in adult populations, but have been the target of much criticism and scrutiny. You will also continue work on your projects.

Read 3 MOOC articles (Due December 4)  

  1. Read 3 articles about MOOCs in password protected page here.
Blog about MOOCs (Due December 4)
In your post discuss the following:
  1. How do MOOCs fit in what we have learned so far? The articles point to constructivism, connectivism and other theories, but what is your take on where this technology fits into the theory that we have discussed in this class?
  2. Do you feel MOOCs have a place in K12 online learning in ANY capacity?
  3. Do you feel that your Module could be transformed into a MOOC? Are there elements of MOOCS that could be incorporated? Why or why not?
  4. Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag it with“mooc”.
Work on projects (All Week)
This week, I am giving you time to work on your projects, and ask clarifying questions if needed. Additionally, you will be blogging a status report so I can ensure that everyone will meet the December 12th deadline.

Blog about current project status (Due December 4)
This will be a quick entry to let me know where you are with your project. How is your progress towards what you said would get done? Also, please let me know any other assistance you may need as we only have two weeks left to complete this project. Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag with “status.” 


Complete course evaluations (Due December 4Course evaluations are important in assisting me with improving this course. This data is also used as a critical piece in assessing my performance for promotion and tenure.  The feedback is completely anonymous, and I do not have access to the data until weeks after the course is over. You should have received an email on how to submit your evaluations, but if you did not, here are directions:

  1. Visit http://go.vcu.edu/eval
  2. Login with eID and password
  3. Available evaluations will be listed on Dashboard

While the evaluations are not due until December 9th, I am providing you time this week to complete them. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with this ASAP so I can assist you. Thanks in advance.

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