Week 3


October 3 – 9

To Do:

  1. Set up Feedly account (Due October 7)
  2. Explore the Community of Inquiry Framework (Due October 7)
  3. Write COI blog post (Due October 7)
  4. Respond to your colleagues (Due October 9)
  5. Refine your topic and write blog post – content (Due October 9)

Learning Goals:

Reflect on both historical and conceptual foundations of eLearning as well as current research and standards for online/blended course design/facilitation and articulate a personal philosopohy of practice in these areas



This week we will begin using an RSS reader so everyone can better follow all of the conversations on the blogs. We will also take a look at the Community of Inquiry Framework (CoI), which focuses on building a virtual community in online courses, and began to dive deeper into your project content areas.

Set up Feedly account (Due October 7)

  1. Read about what an RSS reader is here, You can also read all about RSS on Wikipedia (gets pretty detailed there).
  2. If you are already using a reader you like, you may continue, just add this feed to it to get all of our blog content and comments: http://rampages.us/tedu662fall16b
  3. If you are not currently using one, go to feedly.com and get an account, and then add the above feed to it.
  4. Take time to explore this site, and set it up the way you like it. Understand how it works, and how this can be useful. Think about in terms of eLearning.
  5. This will make following all of our conversations much easier.

Explore the Community of Inquiry Framework (Due October 7)

  1. Visit the Community of Inquiry website: https://coi.athabascau.ca/.  Read through this web site to develop an understanding of this framework. In particular, watch the video listed under the “Orient Yourself” tag, closely read the home page, explore the elements of the model in detail under the “Model”, and peruse the “Discussion Forums” for discussion related to research and implementation utilizing the model.
  2. Read this reflection article by Garrison, Archer and Anderson, shared with you in .pdf format here.

Write COI blog post (Due October 7)

Write a new blog post addressing the following:

  1. How might the different elements of the Coi framework be utilized to shorten transactional distance between learners?
  2. How can this framework assist course developers in designing learning opportunities?
  3. In terms of the learning module you will create for this course, how do you envision addressing the three elements of this framework?
  4. Are there any personal experiences you have had as either teachers or students in virtual learning environments that you thought of when reading about this framework? Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag it with“coi”.

Respond to your colleagues (Due October 9)

Read  your colleagues post and reply back with:

  1. Points you may disagree with
  2. Questions you may have
  3. Request for more information
  4. Advice

Please do not simply agree with what people wrote.

Refine your topic and write blog post – content (Due October 9)

Last week everyone developed their topics for the course project. This week, you will refine your topics and think deeply about the content of your project. You may, of course, change any of this as you develop, but lets begin thinking through it. In a blog post  please describe the following:

  1. Your topic – refined down to something that could be taught in a single module. How does the use of technology improve the teaching and learning?
  2. Platform, technologies? I think you guys are all going to use schoology, but if you have other ideas let me know? Also if you plan to incorporate other technologies, let me know
  3. Format. Hybrid or completely online?
  4. Timeframe – How long will your module last?
  5. Your audience. Is your module for students? What grade level?
  6. What are common misconceptions about your topic? (you may need to do some research on this)
  7. What do learners struggle with in learning about your topic (you may need to do some research on this)
  8. Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag it with“topics”.


Also, remember to continue to follow the conversations via Twitter using the #tedu662fall16b hashtag. We are already seeing some great interactions. Remember, Twitter can be a valuable resource for eLearning! 


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