Week 4


October 10-16

To Do:

  1. Explore selections from Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning (Due October 14)
  2. Explore selected elements of iNacol website (Due October 14) 
  3. Write current status of digital learning blog post (Due October 14) 
  4. Respond to your colleagues (Due October 16)
  5. Begin to set up your module (Due October 16)

Learning Goals:

Reflect on both historical and conceptual foundations of Online Learning as well as current research and standards for online/blended course design/facilitation and articulate a personal philosophy of practice in these areas.


This week we will examine the current state of Online Teaching and Learning. We will explore two important documents/organizations that are involved in digital learning and current research in digital learning and reflect on how these resources affect online teaching and learning.


Explore selections from Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning (Due October 14)

Download the 12th Edition of Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning. This annual report gives an excellent overview of the state of K-12 digital learning. While you are free to read all of the report if you wish, I ask that you read the following sections/view informational graphics as part of this week’s assignments:

  • The Current Digital Learning Landscape: pgs. 10 & 11
  • Online Learning Activity: pgs. 12-13 & 24
  • Suppliers: pg. 73-77
  • Policy: pg. 104-107

Please note that there are many excellent graphs and tables on these pages, so take care to note anything you might find surprising or have questions about as you read.

Explore selected elements of iNacol website (Due October 14)

iNacol, The International Association for K12 Online Learning, (http://www.inacol.org/) is an organization that was formed to track the advances in online learning in October of 2000 in response to requests for more information regarding the rapid growth of online learning programs. Today, they work to advance research and best practice for online teachers, online school administrators and virtual schooling programs. While you are free to peruse the site as you like, here are a few pages I would like for you to look over:

a. Our Work – This page provides an overview of what iNacol does. Please read this page (clicking for more details on a specific area is not required) to better understand how iNacol meets the needs on online teachers and schools.

b. Resources – Explore the headings on this page. Do you see any categories that you might find useful for training online teachers? Are there any categories that may help you develop your project for this course? Are there any categories that may be helpful to improve virtual learning in your district?

c. Blog – Select and read ONE blog from this page that is interesting to you.


Write Current Status of Digital Learning Blog Post (Due October 14)

Write a new blog post addressing the following:

  1. Reflect on the current state of online teaching and learning based on the sources you explored. Do you find anything surprising? Is there anything else you have questions or concerns about regarding the current state of “digital learning”? What were some thoughts you had as you went through the material?
  2. What resources did you find most useful to you personally? Consider your subject area, your project and your future plans for incorporating elements of online learning into your classroom.
  3. What resources do you believe are missing? Are there things that Keeping Pace and iNacol should consider but have not?
  4. What questions do you have about the current and future status of online learning?
  5. Which blog did you select? Why? What did you learn from reading this blog post?
  6. Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag it with“digitallearning”.


Respond to your colleagues’ post (Due October 16)

Read  your colleagues post and reply back with:

  1. Points you may disagree with
  2. Questions you may have
  3. Request for more information
  4. Advice
  5. Connections between what you wrote on your post and what they wrote
  6. Personal experiences that relate to their post
  7. Connections between your field / content area and something they have written

Begin to set up your module (Due October 16)

It seems like most of you are using schoology for your project. I would like each of you to set up the foundations of your module. It can really be just the space you are working in,and maybe some type of outline, and then post a link to your module in the tedu662fall16b schoology course that Lisa created for us last week (Thanks Lisa) .  You will see I created a link to our course site in there already as an example. If you are not using schoology, just provide a link to wherever you are setting up your module. If you have any questions about this, feel free to write a blog post and tag it with #questions, it will then show up in the questions blog posts, and everyone can chime in with answers. Also feel free to email me or use twitter and our course hashtag.

Also, remember to continue to follow the conversations via Twitter using the #tedu662fall16b hashtag. We are already seeing some great interactions. Remember, Twitter can be a valuable resource for Online Teaching and Learning! 

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