Week 7


October 31 – November 6

To Do:

  1. Read/closely study TPACK materials (Due November 4)
  2. Create TPACK lesson (Due November 4)
  3. Provide feedback to your peer group’s lessons (Due November 6)

Learning Goals:

Reflect on both historical and conceptual foundations of eLearning as well as current research and standards for online/blended course design/facilitation and articulate a personal philosopohy of practice in these areas

Demonstrate effective virtual systematic instructional design through the development of a virtual learning environment.


This week we will explore the TPACK framework, and consider our learning modules within this framework. The TPACK framework provides a common language to use when thinking about teaching in a technology rich environment.  I have always thought this is especially important in online learning, as technology is ubiquitous in this environment. While there are only three activities, each one will take you some time. Please spend time with the TPACK resources, and make sure you fully understand the framework.  Take your time in developing your own TPACK lesson plan. Think deeply about your content, pedagogy and technology choices. You may need to do some extra research, there are lots of resources on TPACK on the web. Ask questions as they arise, and help each other this week.


Read/closely study TPACK materials (Due November 4)

  1. Read http://www.matt-koehler.com/tpack/tpack-explained/
  2. While this resource is directed at adult learning, i think it does a good job with explaining TPACK. Read and read through most/all links, and all sample lesson plans (which is what you are going to create this week):http://edt514tpack.wikispaces.com/TPACK+in+Adult+Learning
    1. Especially this one (use this one as a model)
  3. Read https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q92G_nXkoleZCGbXxShKF4nuoiC5cpGrPjDwv_i8Xoc/edit
  4. Optional Read: http://jolt.merlot.org/vol6no2/ward_0610.htm


Create TPACK lesson (Due November 4)

  1. Using this template: Lesson Description, Create a TPACK lesson for one lesson in your module (if your module is more than one).
  2. If you do not know how your lesson addresses a domain/sub-domain, leave it blank
  3. Make sure to categorize your post in “tedu662fall16b” and tag it with“tpack”.
  4. If you have any questions about this assignment, write a post, categorize in “tedu662fall16b“, and tag with “questions“. Just remember to check during the week on the course page, or on Feedly, and try to answer your colleagues questions.
  5. You can see an example from a previous student of mine for this assignment here


Read through the lessons of your group members and provide feedback (Due November 6)

  1. Last week, everyone was assigned to groups. This week , you will read through the TPACK lessons of your group members and provide feedback.
  2. Respond with:
    1. How could any areas that are left blank be addressed? Should they be?
    2. Which domains or sub-domains of the TPACK framework were most strongly met? Which were weakest?
    3. How could the weaker ones be improved?
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