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Wright explains that most people are away that we face a long list of environmental problems such as air, water, natural resources, endangered species and global warning. Wright explains in this article that the problems that occur in this world are not a result of a single master cause. We must know that it comes from how the economy is, then of course the political stand and how our cultural life is.

I believe that Globalization is pretty much is effecting the environment, the problems dealing with the implications of pollution, deforestation, and water resources especially because countries over the world always have a short supply for water. Modern day there is still on going process for access to water, because of the government not supplying the water to the people. In the article on page 1, he talks about collective option failures. The example he talks about is the problem of recycling, and sometimes I had a problem of getting into the habit of doing so.

For example, at VCU before there were the recycle benders around on campus, students would just put them into the trash can, but however I would see some putting it into what looks like a trash can. Wright states in the article, “I won’t recycle because it is too much trouble and my own wasting of resources won’t really make that much difference”, Wright1. Well my friends would act the same, and some of my friends until this day still don’t recycle, because they don’t care, but not caring is pretty much stating that the environment won’t be the same and people are just really killing the environment. If we were to do the right thing, and recycle there wouldn’t so many commodities. “ In the United States, many local communities have programs supported by taxes’ and connected to city garbage pick up to help stimulate a stronger marker for the recycled materials”, wright2.

Globalization affects many people worldwide when you look at it, all nations are impacted, a world financial crisis that threatens the economies around the globe invites shared knowledge and understanding about possible solutions that can impact the globe.

Wright then goes in talking about health care, many people in the United States believe that health care offers people more choice and higher quality, while others argue its an illusion, which therefore people are believing that the market has negative effects and only a organized health care system will provide high quality for those. Everybody believes that they should not be denied because of medical care; of course some people can’t afford medical care. Wright brings up a interesting statement that, should children of rich people have access to higher quality care, with better doctors are more comprehensive, advanced treatments then poor children? This is clearly an ethical issue, because I do believe that the health care systems treat patients with a higher quality care, than poor people. For example, the man who passed away last week due to ebola, there was a article on the website stating that the doctors did not want to give him the medicine, because they thought that he was going to die any time soon. Having being said, the lady who was with the man and caring for the man, stated on CNN, “I don’t understand why the doctors did not give him the medicine to help save him”. The questions are why did the doctors not take a chance and give him the medicine? What was the meaning behind all of this? Is this a race problem? How come the man with Ebola recovered and does not have it at all, On NBC news the man who recovered Ebola. This also can raise questions to the patients that are recovering vs the patient who did not recover. Another issue wright states is how healthcare is provided to people. On page 5, wright tells us that healthcare is providing in which service is produced and the mechanism through which people gain access to the service.

Above on what I just stated, I have to research questions:

  1. How can we fix the disparities in healthcare quality among racial and ethnicity?
  2. What will it take for people to have free healthcare, will it determine your race, class, power and money?


Critique: I really think that a major impact of globalization on the environment is that, there is an improvement on the use of resources that I can say, since Obama has been president I have been watching the news and I see that countries are getting the resources that they need, slowly but they are. Medical issues are ethical and unfair for people and I believe that people won’t ever have the right to have equal medical care.

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  1. Dr. J Dr. J

    What was Wright’s major theoretical question? Use this to help drive your critique.

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