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Race vs class

Critical Race Theory


What is critical Race Theory?

“It is a collection of activists an scholars interested in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power. Critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism.” ( Delgado and Stefancic )

In addition to equality theory I don’t believe in this theory at all. To me this theory sounds like it can be a true theory, but to me the world is imperfect, so how can we live in a equality world? No one is equal. For example, if I am dating a Muslim man and my parents are black and they don’t like him because of his tradition, this is not equality. This leads to racial dating preferences. So no I do not believe in equality theory. If the world has this whole notion that everybody is equal, why can’t we date whom we want to date without having to deal with bullshit!!!


Basic Tenets of Critical Race Theory

Critical race theorists believe that “racism is ordinary, not aberrational, the usual way society does business, the common, everyday experience of most people of color in this country.” (Delgado and Stefancic). Delgado points out social construction, I would bring up the race card. In whatever we do in this world, we will have to face race. Thus social construction is how we think different races act or act toward certain things. It’s this whole notion of how society creates us and then group people, making certain people have higher privileges over one another.


How Much Racism Is there in the World?

“Racism continues to blight the lives of people of color, Delegado states that “black and Latinos who seek loans, apartments or jobs are much more apt than similarly qualified whites to be rejected.” (Pg431) . To me its not shock that he says the prison population is black and brown, while he states that officers, surgeons and university presidents are almost all white. Well, I object because Obama is black. The world was shocked when Obama won for president, the world’s first Black President. By Obama being president the most racism I have seen and heard on television. How will we know, how much racism is in the world? I can go on and on about the racism in this world today. For example, for Halloween someone posted a picture of fake African American bodies hanging from a tree by a white family, somewhere in the south. If this isn’t racism in 2014, I am not racist but I know what is right verse being wrong.



William Julius Wilson

Wilson thinks that class is the bigger issue, not race. Wilson shows us that blacks are dependent upon their class affiliation. Blacks that may reside in suburban areas tend to have more opportunity than blacks that reside in depressed in non-rural areas.

When I think about Julius Wilson I think about the television show, “the wire”.  the article, the Declining Significance of Race, he talks about African Americans vs inequality, crime, jail, and education. I think the wire is a perfect example for urban inequality. The wire shows us the inner-city , and how African Americans make it from coming from a poor place, and some who don’t make it and choose different roads.



The Wire, a television series based in Baltimore, Maryland showing how structural inequality affects everyday life of low income individuals and families, was examined by Chaddah and Wilson in a 2011 article titled Way Down in the Hole. “They emphasized how the show was a realistic example of how life is every day for people living in low-income, inner city neighborhoods, which is mostly lived in by black Americans, all across America. Today, urban cities are showing unequal progression to other living areas, in areas such as crime and incarceration, street culture, and employment.” (Chaddah and Wilson).



Application of theory: Race alone today for African Americans can’t even be explained. I feel like African Americans have unequal opportunity in everything they do. There is unequal opportunity in America for blacks. A great video “ The Unequal Opportunity Race”

This video describes how hard it is for African American’s to make it.!

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Critique: I do agree with Wilson when he explains about how inequalities are affecting blacks. This picture actually explains that African Americans have barriers in life. It feels like we are always at the bottom, when actually a lot of African Americans have rose to the top and are successful, but Wilson has stated that we all had to face inequalities and or still facing.bb1-300x231



Wilson, W.J., (1978). The Declining Significance of Race: Revisited but Not Revised


Two Research Questions:

1. how do social networks lean towards black unemployment?

2. What if the roles were switched, and African Americans were rich and Caucasians were lower-class and middle-classed, would it still be more than just a race thing?

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