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Human Ecology

Human Ecology

This was a very tough reading to follow, trying to understand Robert Ezra Park work can be a tad bit frustrating. Robert work was influenced by Charles Darwin. Darwin work revolved around the notion of there is some sort of biology change within species. Darwin focus was evolution to the extent of which species can survive in a environment and what species can not survive. To humans we can relate to this notion of surviving and how we relate to our enviroments. Park mentions that, “every community has something of the character of an organic unit.” (p. 86)  Of course a bees, plants and orgainism  lives arent as complicated as ours. We have obstacles that a plant, bee or orgainism can not compare.


The Web Of Life

The web of life was described a “living organism, plants, animals are alike.” (Park, p 84) Park goes on to explain Darwin famous theme- cats and the clover will explain evolutionary. Park states, “Darwin famous instance of the cats and the clover is the classic illustration of interdependence.” (Park, p 84)
Darwin described that bumblebees .  The video shows that Darwin discovered that this certain bumblebee will reach its nectar. If their was a group of bumblebees then Darwin explains that a group of bees can not reach the nectar. Furthermore Park explains that, “if the bumblebees became extinct or very raere in England, the heartsease and red clover would become rare.” (Park, p 85) Park explains that in Darwins notion is simply stating that dependence is the key in Ecology. Every living plant, animal and organisms all depend on something. Park mentions, ” the number of bumblebee in any district depends in a great measure on the number of field mice, the number of field mice depend upon the number  and the enterprise of cats.” (p. 86)  A bee alone on a flower does not struggle alone, the nectar is easy to get to. Park explains dominance in a community or habit. He uses two principles which are dominance and succession. For animals the domiance part would simply show how the different types in one community. How do these animals and plants survive? I bet we all wondered this before, their sucession to work together in a process of wanting change.

Park later explains how dominance and sucession plays a part in a metroplitan community. This reminds me of where my mother lives. She lives in a small town in Virginia. They only have one shopping area in the whole county. The urban community is ran by policy makers who do not want to see a change in the community., but more of the younger residents want change. They take evey step there is possible to see change. There could be a lack of dominance here as well. The power is in the community hands. This town struggles for locations, and are worried about their competition. Competition in this town is unbelievable so many residents have moved away because there is no change. A small town in virginia vs  a city like Richmond have a much higher dominance. There is a lot of housing, shopping areas that have higher land values. Park makes a fantastic point, “the main point is that not merely do the individuals plants and animals within the communal habitat grown but the community itself, i.e, the system of relations between the species, is likewise involved in a orderly process of change and devlopment.” (Pp.87) I suppose animals, species and plants work together better than us humans do.



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  1. Parks is a functionalist and realizes that we are interdependent upon one another for survival. While we do have competition it is superseded by co-operation. He discusses the characteristics of community and how they relate. He also discusses how when the climate changes we have to adapt or run the risk of extinction; he uses the example of the boll weevil. Land values vary and depend on what industry is dominating within that community. Transportation is another important element of the city that Parks discusses as it allow those who can afford to move out of the center of the city into areas that are not as expensive but provide more land/house for the cost. When the system we are currently utilizing stops benefiting us we go through a process of change e.g. agriculture to industrial on to service sector type employment. Human society is both biotic and cultural, which are merely different aspects of one society (p. 89). We find a hierarchical system in America.

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