General Physics

General Physics


One of the hardest parts of general physics is trying to have students grasp the ideas behind the different concepts taught in the classroom. The textbook will usually try to explain physics to the student through equations, and not explain the concepts in a way that is easier to understand for them. Even when I took physics in high school, I remember all the concepts because my teacher focused more on the ideas rather than the math involved in the textbook. Many of the students that will be taking the course may not be able to understand the concepts just by looking at equations. There will also be students that will want a challenge and want to learn more complicated ideas in physics but won’t be able to understand the math that is used for explaining it. Math is the reason that we can explain physics to the world, but it should not be the main way to explain to students taking general physics. The goal of this text set is to focus on giving the students a more in-depth look at the concepts and ideas that make up physics through everyday examples and trying to use as little math as possible to explain them.

Description of Students

The students I will be teaching will be in 11th and 12th-grade. Most of these kids will either be taking this course as an elective for fun or taking it to get an idea of the courses they will be taking in college. The reading level of these students will range above and below the reading level of an 11th-grader, which would vary from an 8th-grade to a 13th-grade reading level. Students interests and needs can heavily vary in the class since the course is an elective. Students can be interested anywhere from math and science to history, art, music and many more. General physics is meant for any student that has taken algebra in high school. I will want to try and accommodate these different students interests and make sure to keep the readings in the text interesting. Another accommodation is to make sure that readings do not become overwhelming for the students. Physics tends to blurt out facts in the textbook with little explanation of the concepts or its applications. The texts will need to feel as unlike a textbook as much as possible to make it relatable to the students.

Targeted SOLs

PH.4, PH.5, PH.6, PH.7, PH.9, PH.10, PH.11, PH.14

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