Introduction to Derivatives

Introduction to Derivatives


These materials would fall within a Calculus curriculum, which is one of the core math subjects, and that is my subject area. The materials are most appropriate to help introduce derivatives and differential equations. The understanding of derivatives is both critical and difficult, so getting students on the right track is important. Derivatives are seen throughout physics, engineering, and modeling and the skill of taking a derivative not only requires in a shift in thinking but it requires students to have very strong fundamentals. If a student is struggling with algebra or limits, then the limit definition of the derivative will be a sticking point when it does not have to be.

Description of Students

Calculus AB focuses mostly on limits, differentiation, and integration and is typically when students first encounter differential calculus. Since that course is an AP class, students are typically more advanced. There is a variety of not only reading levels but mathematical literacy, so the material below reflects that, but it does largely focus on providing support materials students can use individually since differential calculus is such a snagging point for many students.

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