Magic Tree House Research Guide: Space

Osborne, Will

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This book is used as a companion guide to another book titled “Midnight on the Moon”. It is meant to assist students in discovering answers to questions they may have had while reading the mentioned story. It answers questions such as; What is astronomy, how far is the moon from Earth, and how do astronauts survive in space?

This text mentions every planet and some of their qualities, which is part of the standards mentioned above. It also has several facts about other objects found in space. This fact book is great for students that have also read the Magic Tree House Book prior. Many students may have additional questions and this book, answers so many of those questions. It is a fairly easy read for students in 3rd or 4th grade. There are some pictures that students can look at that will also engage them in the content.


When determining the readability of this text using the Fry formula, it is determined to be on a 4th grade reading level. The average number of syllables was 135 with an average sentence total of 8.2. This puts it on the upper 4th grade reading level.

Use in Class

Students will use this text in the preparation phase of PAR. They will use it as an independent or group resource to build background knowledge on the planets.

Unit Focus

Earth Science

Submitted by Holly Baltz

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