“My Five Senses”

Jones, Shirley

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The second book I chose is also called “My Five Senses” but this audio book is by Shirley Jones. This book was chosen because it tells what body organ goes with each sense which is something that the students have to identify.


According to the Flesch-Kincaid readability, this book is on a 5th grade level but according to a website, it lists the grade level as Pre-K to 2nd grade.

Use in Class

After reading it for myself, I believe that my students would be able to listen as I played the book to them using the Promethean board. The only thing that I did not like about this book is that it says fingers are used to touch when I have to teach my students that you touch with your skin. I would use this book as part of the assistance stage on the PAR lesson plan. I would create an anchor chart and as the book named and discussed each sense, I would press pause, discuss it with my students, and then record the information on the chart paper for students to use as a reference later.

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