Science Discovery: Space Q & A

Willett, Edward

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The objective of this text is to answer questions. Each page poses a question then answers the question for the reader. Specifically, this text has a designated page for each of the planets and explains some of the best facts about each planet. This book would be great for students that are just looking for the answer about a specific question they have. They can look through the contents and see if their question is listed and then turn to that page. So, it also teaches them about using reference material to find answers. I think this text will be great for students that do not necessarily want to read an entire book. This one allows them to just read the portions that are interesting to them.


On the Fry Readability graph this text is at a high 3rd grade level. Students could easily use this resource to complete a worksheet about its contents.

Use in Class

I think the best way to use this book, would be to use it as part of a lesson. Maybe have some form of question/answer form, where students must locate the answers to the questions presented to them. They are not only learning about the topic of space, but also learning to locate their answers in a text using the contents section of the book. Could be used as some for of reflection or retention of information.

Unit Focus

Earth Science

Submitted by Holly Baltz

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