The 5 Senses

The 5 Senses


The topic that I chose to do a text set on is the Five Senses. I chose this topic because it is the first unit of study we do for Science in Kindergarten. It is also an easier unit for students to grasp with just coming to school because most of them can identify the body organs used with the Five Senses. The SOL associated with this unit is K.5. “The students will investigate and understand that senses allow humans to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to different information. Key ideas include: a) the five basic senses correspond to specific human body structures; and b) senses are used in our daily lives.” All of my students are in Kindergarten and therefore are not reading yet. However, I do teach ENL learners and some of them do not understand the vocabulary that is used.

Description of Students

This text set is geared towards students who are ages 4 to 7. For the younger students, the teacher will have to read the books to the students but they will be able to understand and comprehend them. The older students will be able to read the texts by themselves if they are reading on grade level. These books contain lots of colorful pictures that will capture the attention of young students. The sentences are simple and the language is easy to understand. These texts will also be perfect for younger and older ENL students who are not proficient in the English language.

Targeted SOLs

Science K.1, K.5

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