Voices of the American Revolution

Voices of the American Revolution


In this unit, there will be a focus on the American Revolution through the perspective of citizens in the American colonies. This would be taught in the fifth grade and it would be the second time that students are involved in learning about the American Revolution in elementary school. By this grade, students either love or hate history, so it’s important that my content is engaging and that my students can find it relatable in some way. Using this text set, I hope to bring to light the different perspectives and cultures that were found in the colonies during the American Revolution, which are often not talked about in depth. I feel as though it is important to start introducing different cultural perspectives to students sooner rather than later. In order to do that, all of my texts in my text set are written from the perspective of the minorities in the colonies at that time.

These texts explore the lives of women, African Americans, American Indians, and children who were involved in the American Revolution. I also wanted to focus more on literature that I can introduce into the history class rather than having a set of lectures, notes or powerpoints for students. I think it is important for literature to be integrated into history classes, as it offers another way for students to be engaged and it facilitates literacy education. In my text set, the content ranges from a second grade level to an eighth grade level. I did this so that I would have books that my differentiated reading groups could focus on and it offers a wide range of resources in the classroom that can be accessible to everyone.

Description of Students

In my class, all of my students would most likely be on different reading levels. The range of these students would be from a second grade reading level to seventh grade reading level. During social studies instruction, they are not split into different groups, such as reading or math groups, however they will be working on assignments in partners and small groups throughout the unit. During history instruction, I will be using texts that support the instruction we are focused on that day. However, during this unit, I plan on using four different texts as book club focuses. This means that my differentiated reading groups will have texts that will supplement what we are learning in social studies. I can also integrate reading skills and strategies and other reading instruction using the texts those students are using.

In my class, there will probably be a range of diverse students, which is why I think it’s important to incorporate texts that offer different viewpoints and perspectives of a major American event. I also have a wide range of types of books and books at different reading levels because by the fifth grade, most students either love or hate reading and feel the same about history. I think that if I can have one or two texts in this text set that spark an interest or help a student find a new love for either subject, then the text set has served it’s purpose.

Targeted SOLs

VS.3 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the first permanent English settlement in America, VS.4 The student will demonstrate knowledge of life in the Virginia colony, VS.5 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the role of Virginia in the American Revolution

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