Your Five Senses

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This article is about the five senses so that is written on a Kindergarten reading level found on Discovery Education, which we use as part of our resources. The brief article gives an overview of the five senses.


The article’s readability is on a Kindergarten level according to Flesch-Kincaid but they would only have to listen so the computer would read to them. They would be allowed to listen as many times as they needed.

Use in Class

Instead of reading this to my students, I would assign this article to them under their Discovery Account and have them listen to the brief article read to them and explore some of the videos as part of their activities during the assistance stage of the PAR lesson plan. Students would be able to follow along as it read to them and hopefully begin to read some of the words themselves. This would be part of a station so that students could do this on their own without any assistance from the teacher.

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