Investigating and Assembling My Thoughts

Part 1: The Gathering

I’ve assembled and gathered the four posts that were most suitable for this project to partake. The first post was the topic of my inquiry project, this post seemed to give the reader a clear view on the main topic I’ll be discussing about. The second post I chose seems to transition towards where my topic the Macbook Pro stands amongst other competitors and  why I chose to do my inquiry project on it. The third post that I chose was more of the thoughtfulness features that was applied to the Macbook Pro. Finally the fourth post that I chose was mainly on what the whole concept of my topic is about and where it stands compared to the three dreamers I blogged about. The five tags that seemed appropriate with this project and really defined the whole idea behind my inquiry projects were efficient, innovative, revolutionize, profitable, and accessibility. All five contribute meaningful and informative definition of what the Macbook Pro is really about.

Part 2:

I’ve arranged the “investigators” in part 1, where it begins with an introduction to my topic and have a sense of what the inquiry project will be about, then express its value in the market, next transition it to more of the accessibility features, and finally have a broad understanding of my topic. This layout should help me to better understand and grasp a clear investigation into my inquiry project by providing key aspects about my topic. The first two posts that I investigated both brought informative details about the Macbook Pro by addressing the main features in the first post and a main point about the device in the second post. The first post addressing the main features will give interesting information that the reader may want to stick around of what these features are actually capable of. The second post gave the main point so it could grasp the attention of the reader’s interest in which that case was reliability; the most important aspect of any device. The third post asserts compassion and accessibility towards the special students who can not coordinate same as ordinary students on laptop devices. The amount of engineering and features that were included in the Macbook Pro are phenomenal and works with almost anyone’s needs such as deaf, blind, or student that can’t type with their hands. The fourth post touched up on the third post of the Macbook Pro being accessible by introducing the genius behind the revolutionary device. The history of the Macbook Pro also being mentioned in this inquiry project gives it an importance to the device and really portrays how far it has ameliorated since its first production.

Part 3: The Advising

As I have mentioned in my fourth post one of the dreamers that I chose to work with was Doug Engelbart’s, “Augmenting Human Intellect“. His idea on revolutionizing the way we live and to solve our problems faster than they are created, was similar to Apple’s ideology when they were designing and improving the Macbook Pro. Apple wanted their laptop to not only stand out but to compute in a way which none other laptops could have, which made their Macbook one of the best laptops. Another dreamer that is essential to my inquiry topic is Ted Nelson’s, “Computer Lib/Dream Machines”. His ideas on students need to learn computers in able to be educated better besides being bored by lectures alone. The Macbook Pro is precisely the dream machine Nelson was addressing in his article. The amount of features included in the Macbook Pro can help a student tremendously in learning a particular subject or understanding a concept much easier. The tasks assigned is much simpler to compute and learn without having to worry on a Macbook Pro, than compared to years ago writing everything on paper and getting your informations from the books. Both these dreamers with their thoughts and their ideas have contributed important roles to all four of the investigators. The Macbook Pro was basically built on the idea of computing smarter and helping humans better their lives with a device that can attribute to their learning and their daily tasks alike.

Part 4: The Missioning

My final thought on this inquiry project is going to be mainly focus on informative details of the Macbook Pro and what role does it play in society. I think it’ll be important to mention how much it has helped students gain crucial knowledge with their Macbook Pro and the amount of potential it has for students of all aspects.

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