Friday Update, Inquiry Title Revised!

Took the time today to meet with Dr. C and discussed where I am headed with my inquiry project and if so to take Ms. Jennifer Stouts advice as well. The issue was addressed and I’ve decided to revise my official inquiry title from just “Macbook Pro”, to “Accessibility and Disability with Apple”. Reasons to why I chose to address towards this issue is because Dr. C advised me that it is a big issue and a hot topic being discussed nowadays. I’ve included specifically the Apple brand because its technology has proven to actually help the blind; quoted and backed by the NFB. Secondly I would like my topic to stay within the Apple brand, since originally that was my intentions and I could demonstrate first hand, what the Apple brand products are capable of and how user friendly it really is. The demonstration will be done personally by me, and using the “Quicktime Player feature”, which Dr. C was very excited to learn about when I introduced him on how it works. Any comments on the new approach with my title and inquiry project will be much appreciated!

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