Thursday Update Week two (Reflecting on Peers and Commenting)

Instead of contributing to my inquiry project, I’ve decided to give my opinion on some of my classmates hard work so far. Currently still working on the many great scholarly sources Ms. Jennifer Stout offered for me to look into. It is only fair to take my time away from my project and contribute some advice and some helpful tips to my other classmates.

Lia Niebauer: Interesting to see you’ve mentioned “Prezi”, I’ve had some hands on experience back during my high school years where we collaborated and made projects that were more involving than just a typical slideshow presentation. The site has some really cool features that would be nice too see included in your inquiry project!

Karla Impala: I like how you come up with new ideas mixing two different subjects of emotion and technology to cooperate and work with each other flawlessly. Excited to see where you go with this idea.

Jazminj1: I was amazed they actually had an article about “slut-shaming”, at the library and was even more amazed at how many sources are available about our topics after talking with the librarian! You’re doing a great job with the sources and excited to see how you implement those sources to your project.

Srikar: You’re absolutely right about the semester moving really fast, and it is a really smart idea to begin with your rough draft. I’ve also begun to implement my sources to my inquiry since now the paths been cleared by the nice librarian.

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