How Does It Feel When You Think?

fallout 2

This is a screenshot from the video game Fallout 3, it’s a great game with lots of random things to do and lots of breaking the laws of physics. At this moment in the game the main character has approached a man who, unbeknownst to him, had a Deathclaw stalking him. In the game whenever you hold a conversation with someone time will stop except for you and the person you’re speaking with. So the main character can speak with this guy for 10 years and he won’t get hungry, sleepy, or eaten by the Deathclaw; however immediately after this conversation is over time will resume and the man will be eaten (maybe you too!).

This is often how I am when I begin to daydream or think. In particular I have at least two modes of thinking. One is my day dream, which usually start off as cognitive and focused but ends up in a completely different place. I can start off being hungry and thinking about food, this can lead me to “healthy vs. unhealthy – what is healthy – who decided what health is – how did thy come to that conclusion – are they still alive – if he/she is dead were they not healthy enough, etc…”. My point is that in this mode of my thinking I can be completely unaware of what is actually going on around me, almost as if time has stopped and nothing matters because I am so immersed in a flow of “what ifs” and “I wonder’s”.

Then there is the other thought which is much more cognitive, focused and planned.I am beginning to write a book on a particular subject that I won’t disclose just yet, but while thinking and researching the ideals, referencing certain points, and defining the goals on the subject I am very conscious of being as accurate as possible. Therefor I do not allow my mind to wander at certain times because it will lead to no progress.

Allen Stone helps me make my point with his song called Circle (the YouTube video at the top). He understands that there is a goal to be reached and he’s trying to get out of the loop.

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