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Spongebob's Imagination for Procrastination
Spongebob’s Imagination for Procrastination


I honestly thought I would never find something comic book related. I don’t read comics but the things that I use the internet for originated as comics (Marvel, Detective Comics, etc..). Using the machine I am able to have all research resources at my finger tips, but not being able to specifically tell the machine what I wanted took more time than I would have taken if I told it what I wanted initially. When I think about the Man-Computer Symbiosis article I only have one argument: Humans already create something naturally that has what J.C.R. Licklider is looking for, other humans. Why try to create a machine to replace us? I’m all for medical technology and assistance-based technology, because it helps. If my grandmother is 90 years old and is a widow I want her to not have to go outside to cut grass, but what I don’t want is something to replace my grandmother. I understand Licklider isn’t suggesting our irradication, but there is something about being a human that makes me want to work. If machines did all of the work “Wall-E” would happen. There would be no point in our existence if we didn’t serve a purpose.

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