Concept Experience 6: Finding Fantic Space

Don Quixote Doflamingo
Don Quixote Doflamingo


Here is a link to some of my nerdism: Once Piece fantic space.

There are so many things that visually and artistically stimulate my mind. One of them is my current anime interest, One Piece. The design of One Piece intrigues me because the art connected to the visuals that compliment the story line allow me to be there as an added extra. I have always been a very visual person, always wanting to “see” what’s going on. I don’t necessarily need to know every minute detail of what is happening, but does it look cool? One Piece and other story lines that add lots of visual effects fill that void that I have for seeing visually stimulating things.

Another artistically stimulating thing for me is music. Being a musician, sounds in the general sense intrigue me. Simply walking down the sidewalk I hear music where others may hear noise.

Take this awkward situation from both the violinist and the cell phone users perspective. This could have been detrimental to the musician who has been practicing for years in order to hone his skills to the point where he is comfortable playing an instrument in front of an audience, let alone have enough mastery to, on the spot, freestyle a ringtone into a listenable song.



The writing voice that I find most appealing comes from Dr. Myles Munroe. His teaching style on leadership and manhood better help me to practically apply his findings in my own life. I am able to read his works, listen to his voice, do my own studying and my own research, make connections, and then apply the teachings to my life. This is an excerpt from Dr. Myles Munroe:


I have heard many leaders such as: John Maxwell, Warren Buffett, Tony Evans, Jamal Bryant and a few others, however for me none of them speak to me in such clarity more clear than Dr. Myles Munroe.

He speaks with confidence, he also writes with confidence. There have been many books I have read where it seems that the author is trying more so to impose, rather than teach. Dr. Munroe understands that everyone is an individual and born with their own thoughts and processes and he acknowledges that most of them may not be eliminated, but rather redirected. He doesn’t impose his will on others like a dictator, he teaches and adds value more like a loving father. This is what speaks to me because of my upbringing. My father was always in my life, so if someone who wants me to learn something teaches me in a fatherly way I am more susceptible to learning and understanding the information.

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  1. Love the video of the violinist improvising the ringtone! How impressive (and what a good sport!)
    I appreciated the link to One Piece too — and I looked at a few. Are you interested in comics? Have you ever made a comic? Has the computer changed animation? comics? I’m wondering why you aren’t thinking about how to think about, create, and research one of your passions in our class! : )

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