Service Partners

Service partners

Students in UNIV 211: Food for Thought worked with a variety of service partners providing emergency food to needy people in the Richmond, Virginia community:


East District Family Resource Center

The East District Family Resource Center provides a comprehensive financial management system for ongoing resources with diverse funder with social enterprise opportunities and wealth for a long-term stability for people.  They have successfully delivered a model that shows the building of wealth and healthful impacts that could be possible for individuals in the future. The East District Family Resource raises awareness in the community, partners, and funders to create a strong message to actively engage through media and other events.

Positively Richmond: East District Family Resource Center


Salvation Army (Richmond)

The Salvation Army’s mission serves the basic necessities of food, shelter, and warmth. This support also include adult rehabilitation, veterans affairs, elderly services, hunger relief for starved children, housing for the homeless, youth camps and recreation.



FeedMore is a hunger program that serves to neighbors across Central Virginia and spans to nearly one-third of the state. With partnerships from business, faith-based, and non-profitable public organization, FeedMore has offered several comprehensive solution to prevent hunger and aim towards helping the most weak and vulnerable neighborhood. They have provided 17 million meals in the last year and have a hunger hotline for people to be connected to their nearby pantries and Meals on Wheels home delivery.


Ram Pantry

Ram Pantry provides food for Virginia Commonwealth Students who are in need of meals and a nutritional diet. It is very hard for students to concentrate without a nutritional meal and weekly regimen. Since 2014, Ram Pantry has served almost one-hundred meals per week to Virginia Commonwealth students.


Celebration Outreach Ministry

The Celebration Outreach Ministry take their service on the road and spreads the gospel to the Richmond Community that is economically unstable and poor in deserted, socially unaware neighborhoods. They create housing projects, share the love of Christ, and outreach through any sources. These sources can include music, dancing, face painting, games, foods, and create events to connect the community through joyful activities and social gatherings.

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