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Emotional resilience, getting to know myself, and social emotional learning feed into one another. I think that we get to know ourselves by how we interact with others and how they interact with us. In learning to be aware of how others feel, we learn how to be aware of what we feel. Emotions can be tough to deal with at times. Through what we learn from our peers and from past experiences, we learn how to be resilient and survive, adapt to, and work through our feelings. We may see how someone we know deals with their anxiety. That person may cope with anxiety in certain ways that help them overcome it. When we feel anxious, we may remember what that person did to get through what they felt and then we implement those same techniques in getting through emotional difficulties. In the past ten weeks, I learned some things about myself. The best way I can explain what I’ve discovered about myself is to use an analogy. In the past, if someone figuratively says, “don’t touch the stove because you will get burned,” I would respond with “well then I’ll make a fire-resistant glove. Then I’ll be able to touch the stove, not get burned, and then you’ll look stupid.” These past few months, I have learned from my friends, what we’ve learned in class, and through self-awareness, that I don’t need to try to prove others wrong all the time. I’ve recognized my tendencies to think that I always need to be right. Now I can work on changing those self-defeating perspectives. Emotions are valid. They’re a fact of life and no one has ever died solely because they felt an emotion. When thoughts of wanting to be argumentative or to act out on impulse, I stop and ask myself, “how has that worked out for me in the past?”
The picture I chose to include is one that I took myself and posted on my Instagram account 6 years ago. I think that it represents that even though things may be brought to light, there still may be something that prevents us from realizing everything.

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