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I plan on developing an online module focusing on gas law chemistry. I will be using Schoology as my LMS.  I teach 3 sections of honors chemistry and this is subject matter that all chemistry students are required to master for the SOL.  I think this will be a topic that will really allow me to take advantage of the online/hybrid format.  There is a math component to the topic that I would like to explore with online resources. The subject also has some real world and historical applications that I think will work well for discussions.

hot-air-balloons     hindenburg-disaster

There are a large number of resources available on the internet for the gas laws, from virtual labs to simulations to tutorials. This is one of the topics in chemistry that can be effectively explored by using animations and simulations since the topic is very conceptual in nature.

Students often struggle with the gas law concepts because they have difficultly visualizing matter on the molecular level.  Having access to multiple online simulations ought to allow the students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and help them to develop better visual models.  Hopefully I can then get some good student discussions going.

I am not quite sure about the time line at this point, but I am thinking the module will be about two weeks in length. Two weeks would cover the entire topic, so I am not sure I can get all of that done, but I would like to try.

Not all of the student work will be done online.  I am imagining a hybrid module where students will work online with the concepts and math and in class for the hands on laboratory experiences.  I have laptop computers in my classroom so selected online assignments and virtual labs will be done by groups or pairs of students in the classroom using the laptops.

My main area of concern is my ability to create the online social presence. The students currently work very well together in the classroom and lab, but will that translate to the online module?  I am not sure how I will be able to successfully create that component of the module.   I can see that this will be an exciting learning experience for me!

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  1. Great post, I can clearly see your reasons for using the digital tools. This is also a learning experience, so don’t stress about getting eery aspect right, You will learn a lot the first time you implement it.

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