Learning Activities

I like the idea of using Concept Maps in my module as they will allow the students to link the abstract concepts in the gas law topics. I also like the creative thinking that the concept maps encourage. Being able to show the connections between these abstract concepts is a main focus of my module. The concept map links that the students make will help them to see how a concept in one area on the map is related to a concept in another area on the map.

I will also be using Group Activities in my blended module. The in-class laboratory activities in my module will lend themselves to the sharing of student results. The laboratory groups will consist of four students.  Within each group the students will have clearly defined tasks for all members of the group.

Problem Solving will also play an important role in my blended online module. The topics in the gas laws are quite quantitative and involve some fairly rigorous calculations.  I plan on using Khan Academy and other online tutorials to introduce the math topics and then have the students work in groups to develop their problem solving skills.  I plan on using some real life scenarios like the Hindenburg tragedy and hot air balloons that can help to spark interest in the problem solving sessions.

Student Generated Media will allow my students to share the results of their laboratory experiments with the class. I like the idea of having each lab group focus on one specific experiment and then share their results as an ePortfolio in the Media folder on Schoology.

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