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I was able to complete all five of the lessons that I had planned for my Gas Law topic.  This is a chemistry topic that all chemistry students must master for the chemistry SOL.   My module is designed for a flipped class.   I sought to expand my module to include more online resources and a greater online presence than I usually have in my typical flipped lessons. Since I have laptop computers in my classroom, some of my online resources were completed by pairs of students in the classroom in a self-pacing environment.  The online homework assignments were done individually with feedback from me or immediate feedback from the online quiz program.

I would particularly appreciate feedback on the choices of online resources that I used for the  in-class activities and those that I chose for the individual homework assignments.  I would also like some suggestions for some more student-student involvement.   I have added discussions for many of the lessons, but I really would like some other choices for student – student interactions.

I learned a great deal in the process of developing this module.  I thoroughly enjoyed searching out and discovering all of the resources that I used in my module.  There are so many wonderful sites out there… it is often really difficult to make a choice… but it is so much fun to just explore!  I was also able to make and improve a few of the video lectures that used in the module.  I think I have a much better understanding of the components needed for an effective online experience. I am excited to continue to work on improving the online component in my flipped class.

I am not sure exactly how I want you to evaluate my module, just give me your candid opinion on what I did well and where I need to improve. I do plan on using the module in the next few months and I can change the areas where you think I need to improve.

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  1. You list your learning outcomes as :

    Understand the definition of pressure. Use the definition to predict and measure pressures experimentally.

    Describe experiments that show relationships between pressure, temperature, volume, and moles of a gas.

    Use empirical gas laws to predict how a change in one of the properties of a gas will affect the remaining properties.

    Use volume-to-mole relationships obtained using the empirical gas laws to solve stoichiometry problems involving gases.

    Understand the concept of partial pressure in mixtures of gases.

    Use the ideal kinetic-molecular model to explain the empirical gas laws.

    Your module outline is:
    1. Gas Law Lesson 1
    2. Gas Law Lesson 2
    3. Gas Law Lesson 3
    4. Gas Law Lesson 4
    5. Gas Law Lesson 5

    My feedback:

    This is going to be a little difficult to review as it is a hybid module, so parts of the instruction are invisible to me. The general layout I like it is very clean. You can get rid of all the TPACK references now as this has no meaning for your students.

    I would recommend being very intentional when you ask students to comment, or reply. Just asking them to comment usually doesn’t lead to great responses. Be specific, and make sure there is a point to them doing this that links to your learning objectives. You ask them to comment on the atmospheric pressure video, but it may be more fruitful to ask them to connect what they saw in the video to something in their personal life (this prevents group think, and several of the same answers). That is just one idea. You can probably do better knowing the content and your students.

    In “exploring the properties of gases lab” the lab procedures are in a PDF doc. Is there a reason for this? If so, cool, but if not, having things in a pdf doc prohibits you from using the affordances of digital text (like hyperlinking stuff), so make sure you have a reason for using things like that.

    I love how you have them make videos and share. Does this activity do something in particular to help them learn the objectives? And again when you have them comment on videos, be intentional and specific about what you want thme to comment on.

    It looks like you use PDF docs a bunch. So just consider my comment above.

    Really great job on this. Happy holidays!

    1. Monty,

      Thanks for the feedback…. there is no real reason why I use pdf that is just the format the files come in. I will go back later and change that up some. I do think that when the students make their own videos of the labs they are better able to explain the results of the lab and they tend to do much better on the written evaluation of their lab work. They always have to take a written test on labs that they conduct. Thank you for the suggestion about being intentional and specific when I ask them to post a comment.

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