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Final – Final

I was able to complete all five of the lessons that I had planned for my Gas Law topic.  This is a chemistry topic that all chemistry students must master for the chemistry SOL.   My module is designed for a flipped class.   I sought to expand my module to include more online resources and a greater online presence than I usually have in my typical flipped lessons. Since I have laptop computers in my classroom, some of my online resources were completed by pairs of students in the classroom in a self-pacing environment.  The online homework assignments were done individually with feedback from me or immediate feedback from the online quiz program.

I would particularly appreciate feedback on the choices of online resources that I used for the  in-class activities and those that I chose for the individual homework assignments.  I would also like some suggestions for some more student-student involvement.   I have added discussions for many of the lessons, but I really would like some other choices for student – student interactions.

I learned a great deal in the process of developing this module.  I thoroughly enjoyed searching out and discovering all of the resources that I used in my module.  There are so many wonderful sites out there… it is often really difficult to make a choice… but it is so much fun to just explore!  I was also able to make and improve a few of the video lectures that used in the module.  I think I have a much better understanding of the components needed for an effective online experience. I am excited to continue to work on improving the online component in my flipped class.

I am not sure exactly how I want you to evaluate my module, just give me your candid opinion on what I did well and where I need to improve. I do plan on using the module in the next few months and I can change the areas where you think I need to improve.