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Final Plan

My Gas Law module covers a topic that is required for all chemistry students.   I hope to create 3 (maybe 4) of the 6 lessons that I have planned for this module before the end of the semester.  I teach Gas Laws during the second semester so I do have time later on to add to this module.  I definitely plan on using this module with my flipped class, so many of the online activities will be done in class with lab pairs or groups.  As I continue to add to and tweak this module, I am working to decided which activities work best for group online work and which work best for individual online homework assignments. Any feedback in this area would be greatly appreciated from other teachers and Monty.  I am also in need of  ideas for discussion boards.  This is area that does not come naturally for me and I see that many others are very creative in their  the use of discussion boards.