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The class has gone by so quickly! It was fascinating to learn how the online experience has developed from what was initially provided for behavioral issues and credit recovery into what it has become today.  I think I have learned a lot more about how to effectively use online communication with my flipped class.  I plan on using Twitter to a greater extent to share what we are doing in our class.  I also think I can use the communication functions on Schoology to improve my online communication with students.  At this time I believe that the Flipped/Blended learning model combines the strengths of both the classroom resources and the online resources.   I think that the Flipped/Blended learning design encourages greater teacher–student and student-student interaction and allows for increased student-centered learning.

By carefully choosing a LMS like Schoology that allows for both good communication and the ability to adjust the structure of the course, I think I can create a very effective learning experience for my students.  I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the iNACOL website and The Universal Design for Learning website and I hope to use these as I continue to work on developing my Flipped online presence.  I am not sure that I will always use the TPACK model, but I did find it to be a very useful way to be sure that I include all of the important components in a lesson that involves the use of technology.  I also enjoyed reading about the roles of the online instructor.  This article really challenged me to think about what I do well and what I need to work on.  I have always enjoyed finding and designing materials to enhance the learning experience.  I think it will just take me a little longer to find those really good online resources that will enhance the online component of my flipped class.

At first I found the blogging a bit difficult, since it was not something I ever do.  After a while I became more comfortable with it and finally I actually enjoyed it. I honestly think it is a very good way to reflect on the assigned readings.  It was also nice to read and comment on other’s ideas.  I think all of the assignments we had in class really helped me to develop my learning module.  I enjoyed the voyage from MOOCs to virtual reality.  I can see a great future for online education;  it is so much more than I thought in the beginning.  I know there is so much more out there to learn.  I am going to try and focus my attention on the online component of the flipped/blended model.

I think this was very good foundational course. The choice of readings and websites was excellent.  The introduction to TPACK was extremely useful.  The chance to apply the TPACK model to a lesson in our module was also very instructive.  I am glad that you let us use other lesson methods to complete our module.  Thank you for a great experience.