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Virtual Reality and Science

I found the video lecture on virtual reality fascinating! I agree that it was certainly worth the time spent watching it.  I was a little skeptical about the application of VR to education until the speaker showed the virtual exploration of the coral reef.  Once I saw that then I was then able to imagine many uses for virtual reality in the science arena.  Teachers would be able to have students conduct laboratory experiments that were perhaps too expensive or dangerous to do face to face.  I can imagine a scenario where we would conduct an experiment face to face and then revisit the experiment virtually.  It is often too expensive and time consuming to repeat our experiments in the chemistry lab, but being able to have a virtual second and third trial would be wonderful.  I also see virtual reality used in virtual field trips to places that we would never be able to go…. nuclear power plants and medical laboratories.  I am really excited about this application of VR.

I am not so sold on the use of gaming virtual reality.  I do not see an application for this in my class at this time, but I can certainly see how it can be applied to other learning situations.  I think I need to spend some more time reading and exploring this. The idea of the virtual teacher is not only intriguing, but also a bit spooky and scary.  I can see how students would be upset if they found out that what they were perceiving as real teacher feedback was not “real” at all.  I think that could certainly destroy the student – teacher trust factor.