Hello, my name is Thomas Chon and I am a doctoral student in health care administration. Previous to starting my current studies, I worked as a Manager of Operations for Ascension Health where I was responsible for purchases, contracts and operations for a comprehensive teaching hospital in Baltimore, MD with net annual profits over $400 million. I also served in our military as an Army Officer for six and a half years as a health care administrator. I enjoy  research and have previous work experience as a Clinical Researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, where I published two peer reviewed journal articles, including one as the principal investigator. I hope to contribute in improving our health care system academically, one step at a time. I love to spend quality time with my family, and some of our favorite activities include trying new restaurants and traveling. One thing I would change about the world is to implement universal health care. By understanding how to study and better understand various social networks, it will help me to better understand the many interactions involved in health care to improve my ability to make a positive difference.