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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 3, Spatial Self

“Much like many other online identity practices on social networks, the spatial self is based on a highly curated depiction of the individual.” (Schwartz, Raz, and Germaine R Halegoua. “The Spatial Self: Location-based Identity Performance on Social Media.” 17.10 (2015): 1643-660. Web. (Warning: Link may require a VCU account)) The spatial self is basically how…

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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 2, Intimacy

I don’t want to end the semester with my series unfinished so I will do just that, finish them. “Moon (2000) found that people showed more resistance to giving out emotive information about themselves to a computer compared to less emotional content” (Jordán-Conde, Zayira, Mennecke, Brian, and Townsend, Anthony. “Late Adolescent Identity Definition and Intimate…

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Final Inquiry Project

Hope you guys enjoy my project and my site, especially since I put it together in the last three days… inquiry works cited

Friday Update

The website for my paper is posted for anyone who wants to read it! Good luck and good job for everyone who completed their papers!

Final Essay Update

Thanks to some of my classmates making some insightful suggestions during my presentation, I decided to switch up the main focus of my final essay, while incorporating a bit of my old essay into it, and that really helped me finish the grueling 2500 words.  I managed to come up with a completely new rough draft … Continue reading Final Essay Update

Wednesday Presentation

My project is about slut-shaming and how the internet has made it a prominent issue in todays society. I started my paper off with a story line about a girl named Khloe who started attends Michigan State University who falls victim to date rape and slut shaming. Slut shaming is “the act of criticizing a Continue reading

Tuesday Post

Tuesday Update: I will be uploading a video in my inquiry paper. Some of you guys have seen this video because I uploaded it into one of my previous blogs. On Wednesday we get to share our projects with the class. I’m excited to see how far people came along with their papers. Goodluck everyone!

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