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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Life after College

In this essay I digress into the plans I have for my future. I talk about what career path I want to take and how I will reach my goals.   Life after College As my college career progresses I will need to look more into the future and get a clue about what life … Continue reading Life after College

Poetic Justice

In this Essay I talk about meeting and befriending a high school basketball star who had a future paved just from his athletic prowess. However, his real dream was something completely different. There’s a saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, for my buddy Mike, that isn’t true. I met Mike Williams my … Continue reading Poetic Justice

Educational Transition

This written piece is about my  road to college and the things that impacted me most from those experiences as well as my thought on the future of my college career. Throughout my educational career I have learned countless things that have helped me a great deal in life. Education has not only brought me … Continue reading Educational Transition

Unit 3 Reflection

Unit 3 Reflection Should Students Be Given Control of the Classroom?   Describe what happened when students were given control of course decision-making. A lot of students were confused when they were given control of course decision-making. Students are so used to being told exactly what is expected of them so giving them full control … Continue reading Unit 3 Reflection

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Does it make you sad you didn’t write it? You can change that. Write something better. Change the world. You are lucky enough to be in a position to do that. Make the most of it.

Why Social Media?

This paper is about the history of three social media platforms, why they have exploded onto the scene as a new form of mass communication, and their overall impact on society.   Why Social Media? There are a variety of social media sources that make it possible to form extensive connections between people. Because social … Continue reading Why Social Media?

Pink Time

For my Pink Time on Monday , I had decided to read from my economics book that discussed the link between economics and ethics. Some of the scenarios the  books discusses are the “line standing businesses ” in which people pay others to stand in line for them for important events such as hearings or concerts. … Continue reading Pink Time

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