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Connecting four nuggets

As I read through my peers inquiry projects not many projects were similar to mine. However, I found a few interesting projects. Although we don’t have similar topics, we have similar research strategies. This particular individual is talking specifically about the Apple brand and more specifically, information behind the MacBook Pro. Similarly,  my topic on slut-shaming Continue reading

Evolution of Tablets

“In 1983 Apple designed a tablet called “Bashful,” in reference to the dwarf in the fairy tale Snow White.  The prototype included add-ons, like a keyboard, stylus, floppy drive, phone and handheld carry-case. ” Before this paragraph, the author alludes to Kay and Goldberg’s Dynabook from 1968. However, I decided to use this paragraph as my nugget because it gave me some new information. Now, …

Source Nugget 1

“While the costs of terrestrial Internet connections are high, they’re relatively predictable. And the business model is proven around the world. MainOne, for example, already is breaking even. And, of course, there are already many cables already deployed to build on. ‘You can move the needle further and faster [by investing in terrestrial internet],’ Summer … Continue reading Source Nugget 1

Finalizing My Dream

While looking at the dreamers’ essays as a whole and what my peers had to say about them gave me a new view on the essays we had looked at over the past weeks. I had definitely noticed a connection between the essays as we read them but going back and looking for more intensive … Continue reading Finalizing My Dream

Our private information up for $ale

“Target can buy data about your ethnicity, job history, the magazines you read, if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy or got divorced, the year you bought (or lost) your house, where you went to college, what kinds of topics you talk about online, whether you prefer certain brands of coffee, paper towels, cereal or applesauce, your… Read More

Mapping my dreams

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush, Man-Computer Symbiosis J.C.R. Licklider and Personal Dynamic Media by Alan Kay and AdeleGoldberg are the three media readings I find to be the most similar. They all talk about new technology and ways to connect them with humans. Right in the first line of the summary of man-computer…

Continue reading

C@$H to Card to Computer Chips

“While some experts are predicting the death of the credit card, similar to the way cash use has declined, credit card issuers are responding with evolving technology to keep pace with consumer expectations. This includes aesthetic elements such as design-your-own cards, but it also has a lot to do with increased security.” I believe that […]

Finalizing My Dream

Reflection Class has been getting more in depth with the readings we have been doing since beginning of class and we getting more and more involved as a group. The group work got us to think and reflect on what we could remember on the past blogs that we did on the articles. Honestly I… Read More Finalizing My Dream

Mapping my dreamers (revised)

The two students that I decided to review from our section was Srikaruniv200 and oweisad2. The two from other section I chose was frerichsjd and reynoldsme2. Srikars and oweisad was similar to mine except for the licklider article on computer symbiosis. Reason I didn’t add his article is because I wanted stay away from the computer part and get… Read More Mapping my dreamers (revised)

Mapping My Dreamers

While all the dreamer essays have many links between them, I found that “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” “Augmenting Human Intellect: a Conceptual Framework,” and “Personal Dynamic Media” have a clear link. The main connection between these essays is the authors’ beliefs in the need for integration of humans and computers. In “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” J.C.R. Licklider discusses how … Continue reading Mapping My Dreamers

Reflections on my dreams

The three great works that I chose to talk about and relate their works to my focus inquiry final project are Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson and Alan’s Kay and Adele Goldberg. What for me the three of them have in common is that futuristic vision they all share. They had so much to share and describe within… Read More

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