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Monthly Archives: November 2015

We were on a break!!

I’m not really sure if we’re still supposed to be doing daily updates and I’m a little behind on them if we are, but I turned in my rough draft to Dr. C last week and it was a mess and all over the place so today I worked to organize it a little bit…

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Still working

SO inquiry project. Dr.C made it seem kinda like fun. I gotta say, I was kinda excited for it at first. Now, not so much. I’m having trouble finding exactly what to say/write and this 2,500 word count is not helping. As the due date creeps closer, the closer I get to having a break down. On top of the inquiry project I have a …

Oh Stress, How I Haven’t Missed You.

I finally just finished my Psychology 407 paper and can take one of the bullets out of my gun aimed at my head. However, now I am back to editing the paper for this class and starting a powerpoint for the in class presentation that we are supposed to have on Wednesday. I just love […]

Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

Participatory Culture Real Life (Personal) Example   Today I was trying to get as much information as I could gather for my final project. I tried to organize my notes. I read a lot from different sources and I also watched videos. What helped me the most were the videos that I found on YouTube.… Read More

HJ // PC [DRAFT#1]

Such a lovely Friday doing nothing but homework, what a beautiful way of spending my break <3 I set the goal to finish most of my papers today. I can tell you that I set my expectations (quite) to high this time. But anyways, I felt like I really needed to share with you guys… Read More

Friday Update

Still working on the rough draft should be coming along soon. I messed around with the quicktime player screen recording and the different accessibility options available on my Macbook Pro.

Happy Black Friday; Update

Happy black Friday guys I hope you all did a lot of shopping. Well today my father went through my paper and he thought my topic was very interesting. He gave me very good advice and even gave me a scholarly source to look through. He loved the introduction to my paper and the first Continue reading

Finished the rough draft!

So I have finished my rough draft and am now allowing people to look over it to see what else I can change on it…so until I have corrections…ON TO ANOTHER ESSAY

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a post with pictures I took today. It’s Thurday and it’s Thanksgiving. I went out today. I knew that there was going to be empty streets around where I live. I woke up at 2 pm. Kind of late. I cried myself to sleep last night to Little Dragon and Of Monsters and… Read More


So, I decided to make this post to show the world the things that keep me distracted from my homework. I should really, really focus on my final projects, but I have zero inspiration for that. Instead, I waste my time trying to put in a frame whatever I see every day. The follow are… Read More

Final project progress (just bold letters)

Last Friday, almost a week ago, I was going to blog about my progress on my final project. Sadly, there was none. But I had a conversation that helped me to get my project narrowed down to an specific topic. I also had some kind of revelation in the words that I heard. I wasn’t… Read More

Tuesday Update!

Today wasn’t as productive as yesterday but still working on planning out my rough draft. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to begin on the rough draft and have my sources cited too. Everyone have a safe and a great week!

Hopeful to Finish Tomorrow

Since my professors have all decided to require for their students’ to write final essays, I have five to do…In order to finish them all on time and efficiently, I am attempting to finish the essay for our class by tomorrow. Well, at least an entire rough draft. I still have quite a bit to […]

Monday Update

Well, my rough draft really is rough and has much more work to do. I have a lot more I need to add in my paper and that should all be completed by the weekend at the latest. I still have all my sources just haven’t incorporated them all in my paper. I  hope everyone Continue reading