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Friday Update

The website for my paper is posted for anyone who wants to read it! Good luck and good job for everyone who completed their papers!

Wednesday Presentation

My project is about slut-shaming and how the internet has made it a prominent issue in todays society. I started my paper off with a story line about a girl named Khloe who started attends Michigan State University who falls victim to date rape and slut shaming. Slut shaming is “the act of criticizing a Continue reading

Tuesday Post

Tuesday Update: I will be uploading a video in my inquiry paper. Some of you guys have seen this video because I uploaded it into one of my previous blogs. On Wednesday we get to share our projects with the class. I’m excited to see how far people came along with their papers. Goodluck everyone!

Monday Update

I am so tired, school is beyond stressful right now. I’m actually loving the way that my paper is coming along so far. By the end of the day on Wednesday I should have my entire paper completed, well a rough sketch of it. Hopefully everyone is coming along on their papers. Good luck guys Continue reading

Saturday and Sunday Update

Hey guys, professor gave me some great feedback on my rough draft. I have to make my sources stronger and give a stronger argument. I still have to find a dreamer to add into my paper. Tomorrow, I will analyze all of my sources thoroughly and try to find a dreamer to add in my Continue reading

Happy Black Friday; Update

Happy black Friday guys I hope you all did a lot of shopping. Well today my father went through my paper and he thought my topic was very interesting. He gave me very good advice and even gave me a scholarly source to look through. He loved the introduction to my paper and the first Continue reading

Monday Update

Well, my rough draft really is rough and has much more work to do. I have a lot more I need to add in my paper and that should all be completed by the weekend at the latest. I still have all my sources just haven’t incorporated them all in my paper. I  hope everyone Continue reading

Saturday/Sunday Update

This weekend was actually a terrible weekend for me. I had been hoping to get a lot of work done but I couldn’t. I been having awful pains in my stomach and have been hospitalized for it sadly. They told me to get a lot of rest and I guess its helping a little bit so Continue reading

Friday Update

I didn’t have the chance to update you guys yesterday because I was really sick so I didn’t have the opportunity to do much. I actually thought about what sources I wanted to use though. I think I’ve come up with maybe four scholarly sources that will be incorporated in my paper (not including the Continue reading

Thursday 11/19 Thanksgiving is coming!!

This morning, I am heading to the library to speak to a librarian about my inquiry project topic. Once I speak to them, I am going to schedule and appointment with our librarian so that I can get more assistance (Professor Campbell always talks about how amazing she is). The most difficult part to this Continue reading

Wednesday update

After we left class early, I went searching on vcu library database again to find more and more sources. I also wrote about four pages of my inquiry project that needs serious editing. Hopefully, I can send my paper when I’m almost finished to some of my classmates who would be interested in reading and editing it. Continue reading

Monday 11/16 Update

So far I’ve completed a couple pages of my rough draft of my inquiry project. I’m contemplating on incorporating a video/pictures in my project that I put on my blog posts like last week. I’m going to continue to read articles just in case I want to delete or add some things out of my Continue reading

Update Friday

I went online to VCU database and found scholarly sources about slut shamming and stereotypes. I haven’t gotten too much in depth in reading the sources just yet. I’ve also been thinking about ways that I will organize my paper so that it flows properly. What’s most important that I do next is read these sources Continue reading


Today, I interviewed a few of my guy friends about slut shaming What is a slut? -“A female who has sex with two men during the same time period (day after day) or has sex with two or multiple men at the same time.” Why do you think a guy is allowed to have lots of Continue reading

Wednesday Post- Women’s Voices Feminist Visions

Today, I borrowed a book from my friend called Women’s Voices Feminist Visions. I read one important section of the book called  “What does WGS have to do with Feminism?” WGS stands for women gender studies and it is “associated with feminism as a paradigm for understanding self and society. Feminism concerns equality and justice. Continue reading

Tuesdays- Social Cognitive Learning

So today, I did research about how stereotypes and social cognitive learning. I spoke to my best friend today about my inquiry project and she gave me a lot of insight on her perspective of slut shaming. She believed that stereotypes and slut shamming had something to do with the things that boys watch on Continue reading

Yik Yak Monday

So Monday, I did some research and found a nugget about Yik Yak a social media website that influences slut shaming. Sadly, this website is full of individuals who make derogatory statements mainly about females and about each other. This article mattered because now I am starting to get into detail about my topic of slut shaming and Continue reading

Assembling four peers

The two posts that I’ve read from class was Srikar’s and Oweisad’s post. Srikars post was well put together and his post actually helped me write my post. I like how he connected the UEFA to Man Computer Symbiosis (something im having trouble in). Looking at his post encourages me to dig deeper and look Continue reading


Part 1:My topic is about slut shamming and the affect media has had on it. Girls are constantly bashed for the way they dress and for being sexually free. If I could place this into five tags it would be; slut-shamming, social media, depression/embarrassment, feminism, unfair. Slut shamming- When a women is bashed and disapproved Continue reading